Metrology Lab Calibration

Our metrology lab is temperature and humidity controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  This allows us to provide calibration results with accuracy as close as one millionth of an inch when necessary. Our normal turnaround time is three to five working days, with emergency service available upon request.  We will provide replacement costs for any worn or damaged standards that are rejected during the calibration process.
Here is a partial list of items we calibrate in our metrology lab.
1x2x3 Blocks Gage Blocks (English and Metric) Rotary Tables
Angle Blocks Height Masters  Sine Bars
Angle Irons (Knees) Indi Squares Sine Plates
Class X and XX Pin Gages Micro Heights Tape Measures
Crimping Tools Micrometer Standards Thread Measuring Wires
Deltronic Pin Gages  Class Z and ZZ Pin Gages Torque Equipment
Durometers Plain Ring Gages Vee Blocks
Force Gages Precision Squares Weights
Thread Plug Gages Thread Ring Gages  
All calibration is performed in accordance with ISO-10012, and ANSI Z-540, and certified with standards that are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards and Technology (NIST).