Online Certificates

Our Calibration Software has been updated, and our customers now have the ability to access their Calibration Certificates and results online.  Once each customer contacts us for their initial password, they will have the ability to log in to our Calibration Certificate Portal and either view, print, or download their calibration results.  The customer will be able to access this information anytime, day or night, 365 days a year.  After the initial password is provided, additional user passwords can be created by the company to allow other company employees access as well.

The search features provided should make it simple to locate a specific tool and its history during an audit.  Printing Certificates when necessary can be done one at a time, or print out a specific batch, for example all items calibrated during the last calibration cycle.  The sort features will allow customers to obtain specific information whenever necessary.

Customers can customize certificates and results even further by exporting to either a Word or Excel document, or PDF file, and set up these results by personal preference.

If you are an existing customer and want to obtain your initial password, contact Sabrina either by phone at 6038827464 ext. 0,
or email her at

If you’re a potential customer and would like a look at our sample portal, please click here.

Thanks for considering Kon-Sult Inc., for your calibration, repair, and new equipment needs.